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Become an Author

Have you developed or written an inservice or education module?

The Institute for Continuing Education is always looking for experts and professionals who want to become partners with us in developing and writing high-quality continuing education modules that fulfill the needs requested by your peers. You already have the expertise–why not share it and earn some money!

We make it easy for you. We format the course according to our specifications, get the approvals, publish it, and in some cases, put it on the Internet for immediate access.

The Institute for Continuing Education does not insist on exclusive, first-time publication rights. In fact, it might be as simple as adapting what you have already written. Topics should be state—of—the—art and current. The more courses sold, the more royalties you receive. Another potential payoff of having a module published is the reward in terms of professional recognition, career advancement, satisfaction or other benefits that will make it worth your time and effort.

If you are interested in providing courses for ICE, please tell us about yourself:

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You can also call us at (619) 442-7494 or (800) 990-2377.

Click here to download our Authors Guidelines and Agreement, or ask us to send you an Author’s Manual.


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