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How do I enroll?

What courses do you have available?

Are some available on line?

Who accredits your courses?

How quickly can I finish the courses?

How soon can I get my certificate?

Does my state approve/accept your courses?

How do I pay for a course?

Do I get a discount if I take more than one course?

Why should I use Institute for Continuing Education?

How can I get my CEUs tonight?

How can ICE help to improve compliance at my institution?
Our courses are state-of-the-art, yet easy to use. Staff can access training at any time—24/7/365. They learn at their own pace while staying ahead of changes in healthcare.

I have limited computer experience. Can I still access online courses?
Our courses were designed for users with a wide variety of computer skills. Even with little or no computer experience, our user-friendly format reduces computer-phobia. Still concerned? All our courses are available through the mail. We ship within hours of ordering.

How do I order the courses?

How many CEUs can I obtain from you?

What if we want to modify the content to include our policies and procedures?
Customizing is easy. You can modify content, test questions, and even insert your own graphics. Just call us and send your information and our course designers will get right to work on your project. We can even put the tailor-made course on your Intranet.

Does ICE offer customer support?
Yes. Our customer support staff provides online help, telephone and fax support 24/7/365.

My budget is tight. Is this program cost-effective?
You can save up to 46% over traditional programs, plus additional dollars in travel and hotel expenses. Want to save more money, ask about our Corporate Program.

What is the Continuing Education Unit (CEU)?
In our case, one continuing education unit (CEU) is defined as one contact hour (50 minutes) of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.

What is the purpose of the CEU?
The primary purpose of the CEU is to provide a permanent record of your educational accomplishments which is necessary for relicensure in many states on an annual or biennial basis.

How is the CEU awarded?
CEU credit is awarded once you pass the course exam with a grade of 75% or better. Awarding CEUs requires us to maintain a permanent record for each individual, and a certificate of that record must be made available upon request.

How many CEU's are awarded for a course?
One CEU is equivalent to one clock hour (fifty to sixty-minutes) of instruction. Each course has been evaluated by the accrediting body and/or taken by a team of healthcare professionals and the CEUs determined by the amount of time to complete the course.

Who keeps the permanent records of CEU awarded?
The maintenance of permanent records is the responsibility of the Institute for Continuing Education.

Can partial credit be given for CEU's?
There is no partial credit. Courses must be completed in their entirety. If you do not pass the test, you can retake it for no additional charge.

How can I view the course material objectives without signing up to take the course?
You will find a listing of courses we offer as well as course objectives under the catalog tab. All you have to do is choose an area of interest and then the course. It will show you the course catalogue number, the number of CE hours, the objectives and introduction.

How long do I have to wait to get my test results and certificate after completing a course?
All online examinations are scored immediately upon completion of the course. You will know your results immediately. Certificate of completion for the course will print out at your printer.

When do you require payment for the courses?
Our prices are posted with the course information. Payments are made before taking the course. If you do not pass the course, you may review the course and repeat the examination at no additional charge. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

What is the grading policy for passing a course and am I charged for repeating a failed course?
If you receive a passing score (at least 75% percent), you will receive your certificate of completion.
If you do not receive at least a 75% percent score, you may take the test again until you do at no additional cost. 

Do you offer 24-hour technical support service?

You may contact us 24 hours a day via email at or you can call us Toll Free at 1-990-2377.

What is the advantage of me taking Continuing Education Hours On-line as opposed to mail in courses?
The courses on the Internet promote an atmosphere that recognizes time constraints and educational needs of working professionals. All courses are completed at your convenience, in the comfort of your home or workplace. All course materials and teaching tools are available by simply printing the document. All examinations are scored immediately upon completion. You will know your results immediately. Hard copy courses take more time for mailing and test results.

What is your return policy
ICE provides a 30-day money back guarantee. Our primary mission is to ensure that you are satisfied with every course. If, for any reason, a course does not meet your expectations, simply let us know, within 30 days of purchase, and we will send you a refund or exchange your course

Is your web site secure?

How long does it take me to receive my order?

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